Elena Levina

With the classroom teaching practice we are going through now, my life has turned upside-down. However, I should not forget about my loyal (royal subject, thank you, Lin-Manuel Miranda and Jonathan Groff) friend MEMRISE. Here are some words from my today’s session:

IRATE = furious,wrathful,outraged

OBSEQUIOUS = blandish OR fawning, sycophantic,servile

OBSTREPEROUS = noisy, vociferous, unruly

TANTAMOUNT TO = equivalent to (wow!)

HEGEMONY = domination, ascendance

QUACK = sb who claims to be skilled in sth but is not

I had such a blast!



Should I apply for U.S. citizenship now? :)

The questions seemed to be easy (we have touched upon them during our classes), so it took me less than two minutes to successfully complete the test. However, there was one question that I had no idea how to respond to; I got fortunate and guessed it. Now I know that if both the President and the Vice President can no longer serve, the Speaker of the House becomes the President of the United States. Anyway, I L-O-V-E-D this assignment! It was engrossing to do!



My new session on Memrise turned out to be rather fruitful! I am eager to share with you some words that I especially relished!

TO SHORE UP = to strengthen ,to support

TO CONFOUND = to bewilder, to dumbfound, to perplex, to bemuse

TO DENIGRATE = to scorn, to scoff, to disdain, to disparage, to critisize and to humiliate sb unfairly

FEALTY = fidelity, adherence, allegience, loyalty

Are not these words mind-blowing?